How Long Does Onexcell Take To Make A Website?

Thrilled about turning your business idea online? But probably wondering about how to start and most importantly how long does it take to turn the business online. Building a custom website from scratch takes time. For an excellent website, all one thing that is needed is a proper code that helps business owners to plan and developers meet their realistic expectations with deadlines. Here this article gives valuable insight about how long it takes to build a website.

Following are the three factors that one should consider and is most important for the project timeline

When to Start with Website Design and Development?

Before starting with the project, one of the best ways is to start with planning. One can share the needs including website design, development, and how the team of developers can solve them in a given timeframe. Moving forward, one can make the selection based on different factors including timeline, cost, and work experience. There is no bar of time that developers are booked. It depends on the company and the current ongoing projects that the company is already working on. Our team of developers at Onexcell is booked in advance but it may vary according to the priority.

Different scenarios take place when a business is in a hurry to launch their website. They hire a developer, get the website design & development done. But as time passes they experience poor quality of work and development issues. There are also other different issues being faced and hence it is good to wait and rather not to rush.

How Long is a Website ready for Review?

We at Onexcel follow a three-stage approach to the website development process. We understand, analyze the needs of the client and deliver a solution that meets the goal. To understand the overall content structure, you need a sitemap that also describes the features of all pages. Additionally, our team at Onexcell performs technical site audits for the existing websites.

Moving forward with the design service process, mocking up will show exactly how the page looks on different devices. These designs reflect future websites. Once approved with the designing part, we move towards the development phase that includes approved designs. Later, the website goes under review and begins in the modification phase.

Phase & Duration of Developing Website

  • Discovery Phase – Approx – 3 Weeks
  • Design Phase – Approx – 6 Weeks
  • Development Phase – Approx – 3 Weeks
  • Modification Phase – 2 Weeks
  • Migration & Launch – Depends upon the Modification Phase

The Final Phase to Launch?

In order to launch with the perfect website, at least two weeks are required for the modifications. It’s not just about the timeline, but all about the number of minor bugs and modifications in designing.

Following are the ways that one can follow in order to launch their website in a timely manner.

  • Firstly, test and review your website. Your website is a high priority for you, and hence schedule it as it is a big day for you. The Sooner the modifications are done, the quicker the site goes live.
  • Know what content will make your site more attractive. Analyze your competitors, get the content ready. You can also do other additions until it’s in the design and development stage.
  • Incomplete content leads to delay in the launch of your website. Content creation becomes difficult once the website is ready to launch. As we also consider and focus on copywriting and content strategy part as well.


For a business to build their own website, it takes about 14 weeks to launch their business. It can be divided into different sectors like 3 weeks analysis, 6 weeks designing, 3 weeks website development, and the last 2 weeks modification. We at Onexcell, provide you with deliverables, once it is ready for review. Once reviewed, we are waiting for the modifications to be analyzed and changes to be done. Our team of developers is actively looking to solve your errors and provide a complete error-free solution for your website. If anything similar strikes your mind to develop your business online, get connected with us today?