How to Grow your Business? 8 Useful Branding Exercises

Your brand defines your company. For every business, branding is a core part in order to be successful. It is a box that puts you to explore your products and services so that customers know what you are actually selling. Create a brand name as such your company name strikes first in mind when a customer is thinking of buying a product. How can this be done? Yet one of the great solutions is by practicing branding exercises. Our guide will help you how you can brand your business with these useful branding steps.

What Does Branding Exercise Provide?

For a CEO, an intern, or team leader in any company or organization one must have a clear understanding regarding corporate branding. Also, it must include different broad gauge marketing strategies for your business. Whether the business is big or small, branding provides benefits to the business in turn attracting more customers. Not only attracting customers but your team will value your brand and provide absolute customer interactions. Consistent branding helps to achieve the goals as well as a key to your business development

How to Implement Branding Exercise Into Your Business?

Before having a good start, let’s understand the concept of a branding exercise. It is an activity involving team members with a specific department having the knowledge to increase brand. It also includes your company overview i.e vision, mission, your target audience, etc. The branding exercise will help to focus on marketing strategies, increase customer interaction and in turn have a consistent and enchanting brand.

Brand Exercise to Market Your Business

Identifying Yourself

Let your audience understand the term about your company by elaborating – ‘Who we are?’. One of the simplest ways, create a list of adjectives that represent your brand. You can start with your team members and know what actually your brand represents. Later, once reviewed you can add another adjective to the list if anything is missed out.

Define What Your Brand Does Not Stand For

This is a branding exercise that will define what your brand is not for. You can include a list of adjectives that do not represent your brand culture. You can also use more similar adjectives. This can be better explained with the example below.

  • Our brand is different but not monochromatic
  • Our branding aims to be loyal but not intimate
  • Our brand provides reasonableness but not indigent

Brand Persona Development

Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify your brand attributes. For this you can do a good exercise to develop your brand persona. This can be done by developing an imaginary character that includes psychographics and demographics that will constitute your business. Some of the points are mentioned below for developing your brand persona.

  • Type of color to be used
  • Type of language – simple or complex language
  • How does the character respond to certain challenges?
  • How to describe the character?

Your Boundaries

Every business has its own boundaries. Describe your company in brief by considering more than two points and get connected with the professionals. This will help your team to understand your brand personality and will know the limit for your brand. To define your company briefly and in a unique way, consider as if there are only five minutes to explain your brand to the customer.

  • Keywords you will use to describe your company
  • List out the points to be shared
  • Trick of connecting with personal listening

Good Vs Bad

In every situation, there is a good and a bad thing. Like for example in a movie, there is a hero as well as a villain. Let your team imagine your business brand as a superhero. This will create a superhero persona for your brand and will have a unique identity. And ultimately, one can identify who the villain will be. Here, the villain is not your competitor but maybe a problem that your brand needs to resolve.

Develop Long Term Strategy

It is one of the creative brand exercises that will help you achieve success in the long term. Ask your team to consider it as their own brand. Where they will take their brand in the next coming 10 years. By doing this, new ideas, discussions, and strategies will pop out that will help to achieve your business goals. This you can consider as feedback and can develop a long-term goal.

Understand & Implement Color Psychology

One of the core parts for a graphics designer is understanding color psychology. It refers to using different colors based on the requirement and behavior. Mostly the red color is used for circulation whereas blue is more soothing. This branding exercise will help you to create an outstanding identity for your brand. Create a color palette that symbolizes your brand.

Be Professional

This is a good exercise that while creating a logo one needs to feel the brand’s mission and vision. Also, you can integrate the color palette created in the above exercise for your brand logo. Get feedback from your team, do the modifications and increase your brand value in the logo design.

Summarizing Up

Here are the branding exercises that one needs to play in order to create a stronger brand. Practicing it with it later will become an excellent resource for you to have an exceptional branding experience. Get connected with us for branding your business as we are Onexcell is the best graphic design company in India delivering outstanding results.