How To Not Design Your Brand On Instagram

Nowadays, branding has become one of the most well-known trends on different social media platforms. Amongst the different platforms, Instagram is one of the most trendy and demanding as well. To have a cohesive online presence and attract your target audience, Instagram branding is a priority that one must choose. Building a strong presence on Instagram helps to build a good content strategy as well as create a beautiful Instagram feed. Before having a good start there are some of the points that one must consider how not to design your brand on Instagram.

Creating Curated Feed

Define your own style. As a beginner for a business, it is difficult to know your style. Initially, you can start working with a bunch of styles. This will give you different options from the one you can choose. Initially one can try different options, but after days long you need to acuminate your own style. This makes your brand real, natural, and more authentic. One of the good ideas to capture is keeping a consistent color scheme that will define your brand. To create a brand in a more unique way, one can start mixing off-brand colors in your design along with your color palette.

Get Engaged On Post That Defines You

An outstanding way to make users engaged in your brand is using the carousel concept. It’s like showing different color versions of the same graphics. People really like it and find it more interesting. Making it in different colors will provide options to people choosing their favorite and sharing it in their story. Choosing their favorite one will give them a real experience and feel like it has been designed personally for them. Most importantly, also share different inspirational things that will help to interact with different types of users as well.

Designing Tips to Consider for Branding

For designing your brand you have to undergo a number of pre-made logo options. The basic thing to consider is using different colors and elements and also keeping it simple. For font styling, google font is a great option to create different font styles. Additionally having a subscription to adobe creative pod is another great option that one can choose.

Design & Color Theory Rules for Branding

When it comes to branding everyone thinks it is humongous & large. So it is good to think and create what people are looking for. Analyze first and then implement what people see and ready first. Accordingly, create the best content branding strategy. Design accordingly using different color options that will let your user to the next level. Odd numbers are more fascinating. It’s a great idea to choose different text boxes in odd numbers that will create a visual interest in users.

Avoid Designing Mistakes

Eliminate the use of common fonts, colors, and elements. These things do not match your brand and there are very less chances that people hardly remember about it. Change is a good part, but constantly changing your design to and fro is quite at risk. Design your brand in such a way that your brand will last for at least five years. Later having a minimal change is a good idea and also helps people become more interested.

Wrapping it Up

We at Onexcell provide you with the most essential recommendation that makes your brand high. This will help to create your brand awareness and increase your targeting audience. Our creative developers will guide you to select the best color schemes, font pairs, graphics design suggestions, and many more. For us, design is one of the essential elements when it comes to branding on social media like Instagram. Our team will provide the best way in making your online presence and make it cohesive.