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Onexcell’s Robust UX Designing Process

Prior to designing, the following UX designing process is followed by our team that gives our clients a complete understanding of UX design.

01 Analysis

Analysis helps us to gather a set of recommendations for our clients that makes it easy to understand their requirements. It will result in a creative user experience and helps to boost the conversion rate & also increase audience participation.

02 Architecture

After the research has been done we draft an architectural view of the UX design. We represent a variety of user interfaces, website pages that are compatible with phones & tablets. We present an engaging architectural view of the UX design that makes it more appealing and easy for clients to understand the concept

03 Wireframes

We then wireframe a sketch about the user interface using 2D or CAD modeling. It represents the core part of the business in an elegant way. The part of wireframing and sketching is important in the stage of development. This aims in deriving your thoughts and shows a basic structure of the final result.

04 Prototyping

Prototyping is nothing but delivering a finished product. This visualizes your business concept and its capabilities. It ranges from few complexities to some calculations and delivering creative content with your UX design.

05 Modifications

A project is incomplete without modification. It is one of the essential parts for any designing process. Modification in the UX design helps the team to make the product look more attractive and that fits the business strategy as well. This has precisely been done before the final delivery of the UX designing process.

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We are a leading UX design company that specializes in delivering outstanding & amazing UX design for your business.


Our UX designs seamlessly guide users, creating interactions that feel instinctive and effortless, enhancing overall usability.


Immerse your audience in captivating experiences, where our UX designs mesmerize and cultivate deeper engagement with your brand.


We prioritize the needs and preferences of your users, crafting designs that resonate, delight, and elevate their overall experience.


Leave a lasting impression on your audience with our impactful UX designs, designed to inspire action, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love to assist you better and solve your queries!

UX design is the process of designing that includes the aspects of branding, usability & function

Designing the project & scheduling it depends on the project requirement. Well researched website with deep illustrations takes time & delivers outstanding result

Yes, we do build prototypes.We have a team of designers who meet your deadline & deliver exceptional results.

No we don't. We have our inhouse team of UX designers who designs projects and delivers in time

It is important to test the design with the users. By doing this, it saves time and get over the feedback quickly

Yes,we do the coding. Our team carries with it all the tasks that relate with the UX designing process. We help in transforming your business ideas into great solutions